Best Electric Bicycle For Adults in 2019

The planet is suffering greatly and sadly we are all to blame. We need to cut down our daily carbon footprints and the only way by living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, this involves a heavy focus on recycling in your time and while out and about. Most importantly walk more and leave the car at home as much as you can. Another clever and popular way is by investing in an electric bike. It will keep you living a more green lifestyle while also saving money on constant petrol and diesel for your car. Plus it’s easy to use and fast. Here are some of the best electric bicycles for adults in 2019.

Starting at the high end of the scale we have the Swagcycle. This is a very fashionable pre-assembled electric bike, no need to be stressing trying to merge all the parts, it will be done for you. 14-inch wheels suitable for adults and older teens, you can fit the seat to your required height. You can cruise up to a 15-mile range at a leisurely place, ideal for workers or those who like to get outside on the weekends. This can be purchased in the price range of $529.

How about a beautiful mountain bike that comes with a 350W motor and 3 working modes. You have a choice of 7 switchable speeds, perfect for long days exploring a city. They can be used in both electric bike mode or Auxilary bike mode, it’s all the riders choice. A large fully adjustable leather seat will make your journey’s extra comfortable and secure, and a shock absorber improving the resistance. Currently in the marketplace from $615-$700 depending on your chosen size and model. A fantastic addition for an experienced bike rider.

If you fancy something less complex and with a smaller price tag then the beautiful Goplus folding electric bicycle could be your lucky find. It is easily foldable which is a huge benefit for workers who use it to travel every morning. You can then store it in a locker or wherever you wish. There are a 2-speed electronic transmission system, Easily adjustable saddle height and a recharging time of 4 hours. Currently available for the affordable price of $499 you have a choice of 120w or 180w.

There are 3 current examples of electric bikes for experienced to new users. Perhaps you want to explore an easier way to get to work or like the idea of leaving the car at home on the weekends, a bike would be an excellent investment. They also are quite a gift for someone close to you that enjoys the great outdoors or also wants to play their part in restoring the environment as best as we can. Have a browse around your local shop, chat to the current sellers or go online and make the right choice in your next big purchase of the year.